Best Heat only Boiler

What are heat only boilers and how do they work?

A heat only boiler is just a heat exchanger which only heats the water in which the boiler is installed. Heat will be generated for the water of a heat only boiler, just like for the process water of a boiler. The system of generating heat or heating by burning gas and other liquids will be carried out in the heat exchanger tank of a heat only boiler.

It is a heat engine or heat pump and its main function is to convert heat energy to other form of energy like electricity, water, steam, etc. in order to heat and/or cool the water or heat a water based system. It is used to heat commercial or industrial heat loads and is also used as an energy source by some homes

Here is the basic principle of Heat Only Boiler or hot water heating:

1. Heat Pump System:

The heat pump system utilizes a high-pressure refrigerant fluid to effect a heat and/or cooler load as the system pumps fluid through the heating fluid to the heat exchanger. The heating medium then cools down and is removed through a suction hose. The system continues to deliver heat the second the heat load changes. The heat exchanger, tank, or storage tank stores the heating medium, while the refrigerant cycle maintains the liquid state of the heat storing liquid

2. Heat Exchanger:

The first function of the heat exchanger is to remove or dissipate heat from the surface to be heated or cooled of the heat source as the heat moves from one medium to another.

The exchanger is called “heat exchanger” or “heat exchanger tank” in the fluid transfer or heat pump device. It is filled with the heating or cooling fluid depending on use. For heating the system, it is used to heat the fluid (refrigerant

Advantages of a heat only boiler

  • A heat only boiler is efficient, clean, has fewer moving parts, is easy to start, easy to operate and has a much lower energy consumption than an electric boiler
  • Fully installed and inspected: A fully installed and inspected heat only boiler is much more secure than an average new boiler
  • Heat only water heaters – the benefits of a heat only boiler: A heat only water heaters uses the same principles as a modern combustion based boiler and is considered by many as heat only
  • Lower running cost, higher fuel efficiency and cleaner: This is because gas heated water is used. The boiler is simple, reliable and can easily be replaced with a modern boiler for increased comfort and efficiency
  • Highly dependable, with simple controls: Reliability is the main benefit of a heat only boiler so the boiler will operate as usual.
  • The key benefits of a heat only boiler are its reliability, dependability and simplicity.

Energy savings are a result of heat only boiler operation: More energy is saved by using heat only heaters as they can heat hot water quickly to heat water only. The fuel consumption is much less than modern combustion based boilers. And there are no emissions from the gas used to heat the hot water from your heat only boiler.

Cost savings: Heat only heaters are more cost effective than modern gas combusted based heaters due to their simplicity. This means less cost over the first 25 years, before the cost of fitting a modern combusted based boiler.

Fluid temperature can be adjusted – you will not have to turn up the thermostat

The most popular heat only boiler brands: This will depend on your requirements, but these are the major heat only boiler brands as of 2017

Best heat only boiler brands

A heat only boiler allows you to heat up your home, without requiring the use of electricity. The heat pump units that they deliver are all reliable and easy-to-use. In addition, a heat only boiler allows you to maintain your home at a temperature that is perfect for most types of climates, and it is an excellent choice for a low-maintenance home. With a heat only system, your boiler will heat up your home only when it’s needed.

So, if you’re interested in a heat only system, but you’ve been hesitating to make the decision, then here are four excellent heat only systems available from Whirlpool that you can consider for your home. These heat only systems and brands will help you put your mind at ease in getting the best heat only boiler brands to heat your home.

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Best heat only boiler

1. Whirlpool EnergyStar

The EnergyStar® mark has made Whirlpool an industry leader, as it ensures that the product and service from Whirlpool are of the highest quality. The Energy Star program has been designed to provide a set of standards that consumers can utilize to make their purchase decision process fast and easy. Whirlpool’s Energy Star products are all available to be used in today’s consumer environment.